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Top US E-Bike Trails You Should Explore

As the founder of Electrik Living, I’m thrilled to see the rising popularity of e-bikes in the US. With increased access to scenic trails allowing e-bikes, it’s easier than ever to explore the great outdoors while reducing your carbon footprint. In this post, we’ll showcase some of the top trails perfect for e-biking across the USA. From coastal routes to mountain climbs, you’ll discover the most breathtaking, exhilarating, beginner and expert-friendly e-bike trails out there. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail in California provides stunning beach-to-farmland views along the Pacific coastline.
  • Oregon’s Banks-Vernonia State Trail delivers mountain scenery, railroad history, and small mountain town charm.
  • For experienced cyclists, Colorado’s Imogene Pass Summit offers a thrilling high-altitude challenge reaching 13,000 feet.

West Coast Wonders

The West Coast boasts some incredible routes showcasing ocean vistas, towering redwoods, and plenty of California sunshine. Here are two gems you’ll want to experience from the seat of your e-bike:

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail

  • Scenic trail hugs the Pacific Coast for stunning ocean views
  • Diverse landscapes from sandy beaches to lush wetlands and farmland
  • See sea otters, seals, and seabirds along the route
  • Historic sites like Pacific Grove and Castroville artichoke farms
  • 18 miles one-way, mostly flat and paved

After riding along the rugged Big Sur coastline, I found the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail to be a pleasant contrast. The route starts in the captivating town of Pacific Grove, filled with Victorian homes and well-preserved 19th-century charm.

As you pedal south towards Castroville through iconic Monterey cypress groves, each bend in the trail reveals new surprises – a pod of dolphins surfacing, lines of Brussels sprouts crops, and artichokes as far as the eye can see. With an e-bike, you’ll breeze along taking it all in!

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

  • Follows a historic railroad corridor through the forested Oregon Coast Range
  • Tunnels, bridges, and vista views of the rolling mountains around you
  • Stop for a swim in one of the lakes or streams along the route
  • Finish your ride sampling craft brews in the town of Vernonia
  • 22 miles one-way with some climbs at grades maxing around 5%

Further north up the Pacific Coast lies the Banks-Vernonia State Trail in Oregon. If you’re craving some mountain scenery from your bike saddle, this is the route for you. As a rail trail, the path boasts gentle grades perfect for e-bikes. That’s not to say you won’t earn some sweeping downhill coasts as your reward after climbs through the dense coastal forests!

The sounds of birds and rushing streams will accompany you between gaps in the trees, where suddenly the vista opens up to breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. Make sure to stop at Stub Stewart State Park midway to take it all in.

Southern Gems

In the South, rail trails and wildlife sightings take center stage offering flat terrain and family-friendly adventure. Get your safety gear and binoculars ready for these two gems:

Chief Ladiga Trail

  • Nearly 100-mile rail trail connecting Alabama and Georgia
  • Cuts through idyllic southern countryside and charming small towns
  • Trestles, tunnels, and relics echoing the trail’s railroad history
  • Links up to continue your journey on the epic Silver Comet Trail
  • Crushed limestone surface, mostly shaded and mild grades

As one of the longest paved trails in the U.S., the Chief Ladiga makes for an excellent southern sojourn to add to your e-bike bucket list. As you set off from Anniston, Alabama, the path quickly transports you into the lush countryside filled with thick forests dripping with Spanish moss on either side.

Several trestles left over from the trail’s railroading past rise dramatically over emerald valleys and rivers below. Around every bend lies a new tunnel bursting with light, a babbling creek, or perhaps one of the many quirky small towns where you can stop for homemade fried green tomatoes or pecan pie.

With 33 miles behind you, go ahead and set up camp where the trail crosses into Georgia. The next day continue your journey as the path transforms into the gorgeous Silver Comet Trail towards Atlanta – that’s 61 more miles of bliss!

Top US E-bike Trails Where You Can Ride Your E-bike

top us e-bike trails

Shark Valley Trail

  • Paved 15-mile loop into the heart of Everglades National Park
  • Spot alligators, turtles, herons, ibises and other wildlife
  • Visitors center and tram available for shorter or guided tours
  • Mostly flat with only minor hills over small bridges
  • Can be hot and humid – take sun protection and water!

For an opportunity to get an up-close glimpse of the “River of Grass”, marked by columns of towering palms breaching the waterline, the Shark Valley Trail in the Florida Everglades cannot be beaten. As a completely flat paved loop traversing marshes and tropical hammocks, this trail was practically made for e-bikes!

You’re almost guaranteed to spot alligators floating lazily with just their eyes and snouts poking out above the glassy waters. Great blue herons and snowy egrets stalk the shores while colorful roseate spoonbills sweep their spatula-like beaks searching for food. Anhingas with outstretched wings dry their feathers in the sun after a recent dive for fish.

I’d recommend going early in the morning or near sunset to catch the most wildlife activity (and avoid the midday heat). Remember to bring sun protection, bug spray, and plenty of water since there is minimal shade. Take advantage of one of the covered picnic benches to recharge yourself and your e-bike battery midway through!

Mountain Majesty

Looking for heart-pumping climbs up soaring peaks with epic views around every hairpin turn? The mountain states of Idaho and Colorado deliver truly unforgettable e-biking trails sure to test your stamina.

Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes

  • 72-mile rail trail across the Idaho Panhandle
  • Mountain lake vistas, rivers, meadows, and high bridges
  • Interpretive centers highlighting railroad and mining history
  • Wildlife sightings of moose, bears, coyotes and more
  • Grades maxing around 5% make it friendly for all riders

Extending 36 miles in either direction from the tiny town of Mullan, the awe-inspiring Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes serves up a smorgasbord of landscapes. As you depart either trailhead, dense pine forests surround you, then suddenly give way to open mountain prairies brimming with wildflowers.

Cross a dramatic 300-foot bridge over the Spokane River with views of the frothy rapids and waterfalls cascading below. Further on, the forests return as the trail winds around the shoreline of the placid Lake Coeur d’Alene. With an e-bike, you can cruise along taking in one incredible panorama after another!

Be on the lookout for moose, black bears, beavers, coyotes, osprey, and even bald eagles soaring high above. The interpretive signs dispersed along the route give insights into the vibrant American Indian cultural history tied to the region.

Imogene Pass

  • Extreme mountain trail reaching dizzying heights
  • jaw-dropping slopes plunging hundreds of feet beside you
  • Ghost town remnants and abandoned mine structures
  • Challenge your riding skills – steep grades over 10%
  • Stunning views around every curve and switchback

Are you ready for the ultimate high-altitude e-bike thrill ride? You’ll find it on the legendary Imogene Pass connecting Ouray to Telluride, Colorado. Don’t let the maximum grades of 15-18% deter you – with sufficient battery power and gearing range, a quality electric mountain bike can still enable you to conquer this iconic trail!

Beginning in the old mining town of Ouray, the jeep track immediately climbs rocky switchbacks presenting mesmerizing views over the town. The slopes plummet dramatically on either side, so I don’t recommend glancing down frequently if you struggle with heights!

The abandoned remnants of the Camp Bird Mine soon come into view as you traverse a particularly gnarly section requiring technical skills to negotiate the giant boulders blocking the path. Your heart will pound as much from the adrenaline as your accelerated pedaling over the next few miles!

Finally, the pinnacle comes into sight – the Continental Divide sign marking your arrival at the dizzying 13,114 summit. Take a well-earned rest to soak up the views of surrounding snow-dusted peaks before bombing down the 5.5 miles of descent into Telluride. Trust me, your arms will ache as much as your legs after this epic ride!

East Coast Charm

While tamer than their Western counterparts, the East Coast offers stellar rail trails and quintessential coastal charm perfect for laid-back weekend e-bike escapes:

Pine Creek Rail Bike Trail

  • Dramatic vistas of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon
  • Plentiful wildlife sightings – otters, eagles, bears and more
  • Overnight along the route at one of many campgrounds or B&Bs
  • Nearly level grades along the former railroad route beside the creek
  • Stop at the historic railroad towns of Wellsboro or Jersey Shore

Carved by enormous ice sheets during the last Ice Age, the breathtaking Pine Creek Gorge in northcentral Pennsylvania plunges over 1,000 feet forming the infamous “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania”. What better way to experience this natural wonder than from a smooth rail-trail track courtesy of your e-bike?

As you depart from Wellsboro, quaint general stores and cafes soon give way to dense forests teeming with life. Stop at one of the many overlooks for that iconic canyon view that words struggle to encapsulate. frothy whitewater rapids far below, emerald pines clinging to near vertical slopes, a turkey vulture circling lazily on thermal winds.

Further on, a splash catches your eye as a river otter disappears into Pine Creek’s crystalline waters. Signs warn trail users not to disturb the many bald eagle nests perched precariously over the gorge. Even black bears are occasionally spotted foraging streamside for trout!

When you finally emerge 62 miles later into the railroad town of Jersey Shore, I guarantee you’ll be planning your return trip to this spectacular region with sights forever etched in your memory.

Shining Sea Bikeway

  • Iconic vistas of the wild Atlantic shoreline
  • White sand beaches, saltwater lagoons, and maritime forests
  • Frequent observation points to enjoy the ocean breezes
  • Pack a picnic to enjoy at Gray’s Beach rest stop
  • Coastal village charm once you arrive in quaint Falmouth

What screams quintessential Cape Cod more than cycling beside crashing ocean waves and salty coastal air swirling around you? Enter the Shining Sea Bikeway offering 10.7 miles of just that between North Falmouth and Wood’s Hole Road. Named for the lyrics “from sea to shining sea” in Katharine Lee Bates’ famous song “America the Beautiful”, this route serves up plenty of maritime eye candy.

Starting at scenic Chapoquoit Beach, the trail winds through vibrant salt marshes and maritime holly forests. Sea breezes ripple through the vegetation and American beach grass bolstering towering dunes beside you. Glimpses of the vibrant cerulean waters appear around each bend, finally opening into a panorama of the wild Atlantic at Gray’s Beach rest stop.

As you continue, steely gray weathered shingles and white picket fences signal your arrival into picturesque Falmouth village. Be sure to pause and enjoy an obligatory fried clam roll with tartar sauce at one of the classic lobster shacks before pedaling back to where you started!


According to a study, e-bikes can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% over traditional bikes, with the potential to prevent over 100 million tons of CO2 emissions worldwide by 2050.

What types of e-bikes work best for rail trails vs. mountain biking?

For casual rail trails, class 1 and 2 electric bikes offering 20-28 mph top speeds work great. But for technical mountain biking, a more rugged eMTB with fat tires and higher torque is recommended to power up steep grades.

Can I ride my e-bike in US national parks and forests?

E-bike access is expanding, but regulations still vary. Class 1 e-bikes are increasingly allowed on bike paths where traditional bikes can go, but not always on hiking trails. Check individual park websites for the latest rules.

What gear should I pack for an e-bike trail ride?

Bring essential bike repair tools, a tire pump, a phone charger, a first aid kit, snacks/water, sun protection, eye protection, weatherproof layers, and a flashlight. For longer rides, consider pannier bags for storage space.

 How can I find more e-bike-friendly trails near me?

Great resources are Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, MTB Project, TrailLink, All Trails, and your state or local parks websites. Reach out to local bike shops for personal recommendations too!

I’m concerned about environmental impact. Are e-bikes eco-friendly?

Yes! With rechargeable batteries, e-bikes are far greener than gas vehicles. And they encourage green transport while reducing noise/air pollution. Choose reputable brands using sustainable manufacturing.

Are e-bikes allowed on all trails in the United States?

E-bike regulations vary by location, but many trails in the US are open to e-bikes, especially those designated for e-bike use.

How can I start my bike ride on the best e-bike trails?

You can start your e-bike ride on some of the best e-bike trails by locating paved bike paths, designated e-bike trails, and popular biking destinations.

I hope this guide has inspired you to experience some new epic e-bike adventures across the USA. Part of Electrik Living’s mission is helping people reduce their environmental impact by embracing electric transport options like e-bikes. So get out and start pedaling on those trails!

Let me know if you have any other questions – safe travels and happy trails!

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